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Can Year 10 reach the African Adventures FINALS to win a trip to Kenya?

SPA Geog African Adventure Challenge with Year 10
#Where will Geography take you?

Within the Geography department we welcome students who are assets to their Year group. These students are the first of the school to become Ambassadors of Geography in Year 10 and are shining role models to younger year groups. I have no doubt the three students who have entered the African Adventures will aspire to top grades in the New curriculum at GCSE Geography and hopefully make it to the finals of the competition they have entered.

Year 10 students Yetunde (far left), Princess and Precious have entered the African Adventures competition to win a trip to Kenya.

The aim of the African Adventures’ School Geography Challenge is to increase awareness and understanding of the challenges facing many of the world’s LIDCs (Low Income Developing Countries). Our three students took part in a decision-making exercise, which focused on the impacts of El Nino flooding in Kenya. They first identified the impacts of flooding that they believed to be most significant, before deciding how they would spend an allocated budget on emergency aid to the region. They then completed an Aid Action Plan which justified their decisions and spending, making implicit links between the impacts and the aid they chose (please see the photo below). These resources were focused around one of our Kenyan partner projects, The Walk Centre; a community-based NGO located in Nakuru.  

The African Adventures’ School Geography Challenge is providing the opportunity for schools from around the UK to showcase their budding and motivated geography students. The ten best entries will be shortlisted and those students will be invited to attend a final, as part of a team of four, to undertake a live challenge and compete for the incredible prize of a trip to Kenya in June/July 2017 with two staff members! As part of the trip, the group will visit The Walk Centre and see first-hand the work being done there, with the support of African Adventures, to overcome development challenges and improve the lives of many. Our students will find out whether they have been successful in their bid to make the Finals in February. 

Please see the link below for an explanation of the project the students were involved in:

What does the trip mean to St Paul’s Academy?

“In Geography we have worked hard to inspire the students that the subject is not defined by studying theory in the classroom. Through our slogan ‘Where’s your next Geography classroom?’ is challenges this notion and aims to provide the students with a wealth of experience studying ‘Geography in reality’. Winning the trip with African Adventures would provide the school with a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience a classroom – that for many of our students – is beyond their reach. It provides an international platform to our established volunteering initiative and takes the students a World away from the confines of a seat in classroom.” (Mr Davis).

“It would mean that we would have an opportunity to influence someone else’s life positively. To show them that someone cares for them and that every life is worth living, no matter what age you are.

We chose to get involved because we believe that we, as young people can be empowered to do something remarkable; not only for ourselves, but for someone else too.

We spent our free time after school, empathising with the Kenyan People of Nakuru, prioritising not only emergency aid, but also long term aid to further develop the country. Using the given resources as guidelines, we also used them to consider the social, economic and environmental impacts of a flood and the aid needed to counteract it. We hope to win the prize of a trip to Kenya because it is once in a lifetime opportunity to contribute by being a helping hand.

We have recently been successful in becoming Geography Ambassadors. This trip would be a prime example of geography in reality, taking our knowledge and applying it outside of the classroom. #Where Is Your Next Geography Classroom? (Hopefully, an African Adventure!)” (Princess, Precious and Yetunde).

Below is a link to the company we have much thanks to for providing the chance of a life changing opportunity to Kenya!

Please see the St Paul’s Academy website for more details of events within Geography. For all the pictures, especially of students REWARD trips and outside learning experiences. Please congratulate your child or those of you who teach these students if you see them! Let us hope we receive good news in February!

#Where is your next Geography classroom? (as the Year 10s say- “Hopefully, an African Adventure!”) 


We have been nominated for the Galaxy Hot Chocolate Award worth £300. Please vote for use in the link below:

Christmas Day Volunteering at Ronald McDonald House, King's College Hospital and delivering gifts to sick children on the Lion Ward and Liver Ward.

Image result for st pauls academy logo

Whilst many adults and children around Greenwich were sleeping and dreaming of Santa and presents, five Year 11 students alongside Year 12 - who returned from college to experience Christmas volunteering for a second year – participated as St Paul’s Academy to deliver presents to Ronald McDonald House in Camberwell. All of which were dressed in various different Christmas attire! We even had a guest appearance from Mr Winston and his wife Carmilita who were welcomed additions! 

Arriving at 8am at Ronald McDonald House Camberwell.

However, what made this trip so special this year was the extent of giving from students, staff and friends and families. This meant that we were able to deliver presents not just to Ronald McDonald House, the Lion Ward for sick children with head injuries and the liver ward. Martin Shittu – who was a patient of the Lion Ward for a lengthy period – was able to hand-deliver presents to students in a similar position to what he was and give back to the staff who were so kind to him. Donating to these children was the main reason the students and staff were motivated to get out at bed at 5am.

The many faces of Christmas at Ronald McDonald House – centre is the train map donated by money from St Paul’s Academy last year.

Ronald McDonald House Camberwell is run by independent charity Ronald McDonald House Charities and is one of 14 Houses which provide free ‘home away from home’ accommodation for families who have children being treated at specialist hospitals across the UK. In this case it supports King’s College London which has treated two of our own previous students.

Santa’s little helpers delivering gifts to King’s College London.

Year 11 and 12 students with Melissa RMC staff from the house (centre) at King’s College.

The students helped allocate 400 plus gifts to 24 different families and 26 children in Ronald McDonald House, many of whom were seriously ill, or were the siblings of these children that were away from home and unable to celebrate the festive season in the usual way. In addition, the students were able to walk to King’s College Hospital and hand-deliver presents to the Lion and Liver Wards unlike last year. The Year 11 and 12 students helped allocate presents to each family with individual gift bags or wrapped presents with personalised cards and these were placed under the tree or placed into Santa sacks. The students also had time to give gifts personally to siblings in the house and create snow for a Winter Wonderland inside the dining area!

The Year 11 and Year 12 students with Mr Davis, Mr and Mrs Winston.

Delivering to the Lion Ward.

Organising gifts in age groups- all hands on deck for the students.

From the front- Gareth (Year 11), Habeeb, Maroulla, Kiara, Melissa (RMHC), Mr Davis, Miles, Klaudia (Year 11) Kwabena (Year 11), Lateef (Year 11) Eric, Stephen (Year 11) and Martin.

Making snow in Ronald McDonald House for siblings of sick children.

These students are truly a fantastic testament to the charitable work being completed by the school and are an asset to the school community. An amazing day was had which truly reflects the Christmas spirit of giving to others during the festive season and underpins the activities that contribute to the £10,400 raised for the advent charities. These students really are fantastic ambassadors of the commendable work that the school does to support local communities and raise money for different charities. Well done to all the students involved (Kwabena, Stephen, Gareth, Klaudia and Lateef) and the Year 12 students returning from college (Martin, Miles, Eric, Kiara, Maroulla and Habeeb).

Check out the rest of the pictures on the photo album on the school TVs, St Paul’s website and the Geography Blog.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

St Paul's Advent Charity Appeal

SPA Geog and the Choir Fundraise for the ADVENT charity

Image result for morrisons logo
Kevin was an expert at talking to customers..

First and foremost we wish all our readers a very Merry Christmas and the best wishes for 2017. Before the Christmas break the newly appointed Year 11 SPA Geog Ambassadors combined with some with the School’s Choir went to Morrisons in Erith to raise money for the Advent Charity appeal. Under the expert tutelage of Ms Viner the Choir produced amazing vocals on various hymns and festive songs to the public and staff alike. The students – under the lead of the chocolate selling duo Mr Davis and Mr O’Connell – packed bags at the till for customers. Both the public and Morrisons’ staff commented of the fabulous singing of our choir and the politeness of the Ambassadors at the till. The fundraising co-ordinator from Morrisons commented that the Choir from St Paul’s Academy were ‘the best we have had this Christmas season!’. All students were a credit to the school and represented themselves as assets.

Year 7-11 members of the Choir sing hymns and Christmas songs at the entrance to Morrisons Erith.

Gareth gained many donations for his effort.

We celebrate the achievements of our Ambassadors and Choir on doing their bit to help raise money for the various charities support by the school. Please congratulate your child or those you teach if you see them. This year the students at St Paul’s Academy were raising money for:
Ø  St Ann’s Education Project in Kenya;
Ø  The Royal Marsden Hospital, Sutton;
Ø  Thamesmead Food Bank’
Ø  Anerley Across: a charity which takes disabled people to Lourdes on an annual pilgrimage (’
Ø  The Christmas Tree Project;
Ø  King’s College Hospital: Haematology Department;
Ø  Cancer Research UK;
Ø  Weybourne Care Home.

Nathan proved popular the customers.

Kwabena is a new recruit to volunteering but also gave up his time on Christmas Day to donate gifts to students.

The Year 11 Ambassadors of Geography and Choir raised an amazing £368 for charity in four hours. A tremendous achievement by all. Please see the Geography Blog and St Paul’s Academy website for more details of events within Geography.

Anna was integral to giving out the St Paul’s Academy Newsletter.

James got into the festive spirit.

#Where is your next Geography classroom?

Cool customers in the classroom but can Year 11 skate on Ice?! You decide!

Image result for ice skatingSPA Geog REWARD trip for Year 11 students
#Where will Geography take you?

Image result for bLUEWATER LOGOWithin the Geography department we welcome students who are assets to their Year group. These students are the first of the school to become Ambassadors of Geography or have excelled in results in their Christmas Mock; being within the top 10 of the cohort. Year 11 have many accolades to their name within Geography; winners of the prestigious event to Wales, first to experience controlled assessment Swanage; and volunteers reaching milestones of 60 hours such as Lateef Lawal. It was felt because the students were cool customers – in terms of performing under pressure in exams and interviews – we would reward the students for their effort. Would they be as cool and calm on an ice rink?!

Year 11 who have excelled in the Autumn term from the left:  Nicolae, Stephen, Kwabena, Eljay, Joshua, Tarrick, Chantal, Gareth, Maureen, Tevin, Amy, Marcell, Anna, Nathan and James.

We celebrate the achievements of our Ambassadors. These are highlighted in a further article on the blog ( and school website. However, this article is to credit the high achievers who have excelled academically. The students who push the Geography department forward to our goal of 80% A*-C. I have provided details of these students below. Please congratulate your child or those you teach if you see them.

Gareth, Chantal, Tevin and Marcell achieved an A in their Christmas Mock.

Left: Anna, Amy Stephen and Kwabena achieved a B in their Christmas Mock. 
It was quite a site witnessing 16 students – 14 of which skating for the first time – clamber along the side of the ice rink. An analogy that sticks in my mind is in the Disney Movie when Bambi enters the ice for the first time. Even the students would admit they were out of their depth. Wouldn’t this be correct Marcell and Tevin? Maybe some of the students should remain in their comfort zone of excelling at their studies?! But at least they attempted it unlike the teachers Mr O’Connell and Ms Gaffney who sought comfort in a hot beverage to watch the chaos. On a serious note, well done Year 11 for being assets once again to our department and you must be commended on your achievements.

Marcell representing the analogy Bambi on ice.

Even the railing couldn’t save Tarrick.

Amy, Maureen, Anna and Eljay- some of our finest Geographers and now Ambassadors.

Year 11 at Bluewater Ice Rink with Mr Davis and Ms Gaffney.

Please see the Geography Blog and St Paul’s Academy website for more details of events within Geography. 

#Where is your next Geography classroom?