Monday, 24 October 2016

SPA Geog complete volunteering in a River with Thames21

Image result for thames21 logoSPA Geog Year 8-11 

volunteer along Foots 

Cray Meadows with 


Team SPA Geog Year 8-11 volunteering with Thames21.

The SPA Geog team Year 8-11 worked with Thames21 along the River Cray in Foots Cray meadows on Saturday. 20 students learnt about hydrology of the river whilst working to create soft engineering solutions to erosion of the river bank. Using waders the students in some areas were up to waist height when cutting fallen trees to remove them from the channel. Amy, Eljay and Franklin did superb work in this area removing the branches. 
Amy and Eljay remove a fallen tree.
Whilst others were working, Year 11s Kevin and Klaudia had time to be fashion icons displaying the latest in SPA Geog clothing range; the Geography Hoodie. Please see the display board on ways you can get your hands on one of these! 

The students need physical endurance when using the sledge hammer to knock the stakes into the river bed and also team work to bend the willow around the stakes. The aim was to create a willow wall to protect the bank of the river from erosion. 

Team work makes the dream work. 

Placing plant mating in the river.
As you can see from below, the day was a complete success and students were able to identify key ideas on river hydrology which is the next topic to be studied in Year 9 and be recapped on in Year 11. Our rewards for hard work go to Nikola in Year 11 and Franklin in Year 8. Once again the students are a credit to the school and the community in which they volunteer their services. Well done to the SPA Geog team and Mrs Cogan and Ms Gregory for dedicating their time to enrich the lives of our students. 
Franklin receives student of the Month for September based on his effort in volunteering (he didn't do this all day!)

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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

SPA Geog Year 8 pond dip and complete orienteering at Woodlands Farm

Image result for woodlands farm logo
SPA Geog Year 8- Field Trip to  Woodlands Farm Trust

The first Geography Field Trip of the new school year was to The Woodlands Farm Trust. Thirty year 8 students took part in a range of map work activities that helped consolidate their understanding of maps and mapping, completed at the end of year 7. 

After a mini map work refresher the students took part in an outdoor key word activity that involved them using their teamwork and communication skills.

After lunch the final full farm orientation group activity combined all the skills they had learned throughout the day. The student’s behaviour and participation was excellent. The students spoke enthusiastically about the trip on the bus journey home, many of them mentioning how much they had enjoyed themselves and how outside the classroom learning helped with their understanding of maps. It was a truly enjoyable and educational way to start the year. 

By Mrs Gaffney.

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Saturday, 15 October 2016

SPA Geog release the Geography Hoodie

SPA Geog release the Geography Hoodie
The SPA Geography department are proud to release the prototype of the Geography hoodie. The aim of the hoodie is to raise the profile of the subject across the school and appeal to younger year groups of Year 7 and 8. The Geography hoodie will be supplied to the 20 Geography Ambassadors chosen after half term to represent the subject in Year 9-11. Keep your eyes on our notice board if you are interested. 

The Year 11 were kind enough when volunteering in October at Foot Cray Meadows to trial the hoodie out. See what you think from the photo-shoot below!

Figure 1- Kevin displays the hoodie by the River Cray.

Figure 2- Klaudia trials the hoodie in working conditions when using the sledge hammer to knock in stakes to the river bed.

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SPA GEOG Camping Trip with 8I

Image result for downe campsite logo           

Year 8H and 8I students travelled to Downe Campsite on Friday 7th October for two days of adrenaline pumping activities. The aim of the excursion was to work on team-building skills, collaboration and leadership

SPA Geog 8I Sky High   

Figure 1- Team SPA Geog Year 8.

The students worked together on a range of different activities from zip wire to Jacobs ladder. On the Friday students tackled the zip line and archery before having a sing-song round the campfire. There was also the teaching of toasting the perfect marshmallow. Some students were more successful than others (see the photo of Lewis below).

Just right Joshua!

Slightly toasted there Lewis!

Joshua travels down the Zip Wire.

Lewis finally comes to a standstill.

Kyle hanging our!

Maria enjoys the zip wire ride.

Jason flies high for class 8I.


Ademola measuring up the target.

Sheldon goes for the Bulls Eye!

Paul Yvan aims.

Kyle aims to be the next Downe Robin Hood!

The evening's entertainment include a dance off!
On Saturday after a hearty breakfast in our lodge, the students embarked on their first activity of Jacobs Ladder. It was an incredible achievement for the students who made it to the top (Kyle, Joshua and Jason) and to witness the students working as a team to rise to the challenge. It certainly got the thumbs up from Kyle!

Maria, Kyke and Ademola tackle Jacobs Ladder together.

Worried Lewis?!

Kyle reaches the top!

Lewis, Joshua and Paul-Yvan take to the challenge!


Jason gets some much needed Hang Time.

Paul-Yvan attempts the climb.

The final two activities of the day saw the students’ abseil from a tower and participate in the leap of faith. Two daring activities that the students rose to the challenge. The weekend saw these students challenge fears of height, develop lasting friendships and build skills, such as teamwork and leadership, which are transferable to the classroom. I must commend Kyle on his helpfulness to his peers throughout the weekend. Each were a credit to the school even with the 3am Saturday morning bedtime!

Tranquil and peaceful.

What a pose!

Serious air time!

Leap of Faith:
Good friends Kyle and Lewis.
Jason, Sheldon and Ademola.
Jason chilling out due to a late night.
Ademola before Jacobs Ladder.
Paul-Yvan and Joshua.

After a tiring 3am finish to Friday night/Saturday morning who can blame them? 

Thank-you to all staff who gave up their time at the weekend to support the trip, especially to Mr Pinkerton, Mrs Allen and Ms Gregory. Please see the Geography Blog and SPA Geog YouTube Channel for more videos and pictures.

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